1957 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop with OHSC, Very Rare!

1957 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop with OHSC, Very Rare! Early 1957 Goldtop - formerly owned by Cesar Rosas of Los Lobos. One of a very small group of Left Handed Stop Tail Les Pauls from the 1950s.

Thanks to Scott Jennings for reminiscing about this great guitar. I remember when Scott had it for sale in Vintage Guitar Magazine in the early 90s at Route 66 Guitars; somehow I knew I would end up with this guitar some 25 years later - it was worth the wait!

And thanks to Scott Freilich for taking time and making the extra effort to check out this guitar for me!

I don't think this guitar was ever set up properly, but in Scott's very capable hands, it's turned into the monster that it is: Huge 3-D sound that fills up the room, resonates and sustains for days, this is what a vintage 50s Goldtop is all about; stunning in it's tonal ferocity and brilliance!


1957 Gibson Les Paul Special, Ultimate Rock and Roll Machine!

1957 Gibson Les Paul Special, Ultimate Rock and Roll Machine! When the job calls for pure Rock and Roll, I know which guitar to reach for: my 1957 Les Paul Special! Within seconds of picking it up, I started hypnotically launching into the essence of hard rock from the Who’s Live at Leeds album: Summertime Blues, My Generation, Magic Bus, etc. Of all my vintage guitars, this one just knocks out the power chords like no other - this guitar is pure rock and roll euphoria!


Neck Depth: .92/1st, .98/12th
Pickup Output: Neck/8.23K, Bridge/7.83K
Weight: around 8.5 lbs

This guitar is in EXC overall condition and has been inspected and set-up by Scott Freilich of Top Shelf Music. The action measures 4/64 at both sides of the 12th fret. Scott also performed a perfect refret with period-spec wire. The great guitars get played for a reason, and this one now plays as good as it sounds. The only other note of interest is it had different tuners on at one time; the original tuners are now back on the guitar(has 2 extra small holes/side that are covered up by the original tuners).

In the world of left handed vintage guitars, the single-cut Les Paul Specials and Jr’s are among the rarest. I have only seen 1, maybe 2, other lefty 1955-58 Les Paul Specials in over 35 years – that’s it! So when the urge arises to get your rocks off with some devastating and pulverizing rock and roll, my 1957 Les Paul Special is the clear weapon of choice!


1964 Lefty Gibson ES-335TDC, Factory Stop Tail, One of One!

1964 Lefty Gibson ES-335TDC, Factory Stop Tail, One of One! This is a left handed 1964 Gibson factory stop tail ES-335TDC, 100% Original with OHSC, in EXC condition. This guitar has been inspected and set-up by Scott Freilich of Top Shelf Guitars. The guitar features a vibrant and unfaded cherry red finish, Nickel hardware, Patent No. pickups, Kluson Deluxe single-line tuners. It has had a pro refret, has moderate wear, but in EXC overall condition.

It has a serial # from the 5-digit series of 1964, which also includes the Eric Clapton 335. This is a nice complement to my other lefty 64 ES-335TDC, which is a factory Bigsby:

Serial Numbers:
#65808 : Lefty Stop Tail
#66204 : Lefty Bigsby
#67473 : Eric Clapton

Neck/PUP Specs:
Neck PUP: 8.09K
Bridge PUP: 7.51K
1st fret: .85
12th fret: 1.00

I've only seen 8 total factory Left Handed ES-335s from 1958-1964(I've owned 4 of the 8), which include 3 from 1964. These are the only 2 lefty Cherry 335s I've seen from 1964 in over 30 years of collecting vintage guitars. Interesting provenance on this guitar. The original owner was Bob Grundy in the UK, who was the guitarist in Joe Cocker's blues band from 1964 to 1966 - Joe's band before The Grease Band, officially titled "Joe Cocker's Big Blues."

This is a really great sounding guitar - everything that you expect a 1964 ES-335TDC to be. Along with my 1964 Bigsby ES-335TDC, and 1958 ES-335T, these are the guitars with the best tone I have ever encountered - they really are Burst killers!


1958 Gibson ES-335T, 100% Original with OHSC, One Owner

2003 Brazilian Historic 1959 Gibson Les Paul As far as Tone goes, this guitar is in a league all by itself. It fills up the room like no other! This 335 has been personally inspected by Joe Ganzler, one of the world’s most highly-regarded authorities on vintage Bursts and 335s: http://www.ganzlerincorporated.com/

Below is a summary of Joe’s report:

Not For Sale

2003 Brazilian Historic 1959 Gibson Les Paul, 100% Original, Superb!

2003 Brazilian Historic 1959 Gibson Les Paul Left Handed 2003 Brazilian Gibson Historic 1959/R9 Les Paul, 100% Original with OHSC, all tags, paperwork, COA. Near Mint condition with spectacular Cherry Sunburst flame top, and lightweight at around 8 1/4 lbs. I’ve had many beautiful Brazilian Les Pauls over the years, righty and lefty, but this is the nicest one; true collector condition/investment grade Brazilian R9!

Not For Sale

1965 Lefty Fender Candy Apple Red Strat, Pre-CBS Features

1965 Lefty Fender Candy Apple Red Strat, Pre-CBS Features Left Handed L-Series Fender Strat in an original Candy Apple Red finish from early 1965, with the desirable pre-CBS features including Green Guard and Clay Dots. The guitar is 100% original and a very rare vintage lefty Strat in a Custom Color(Leo Fender’s favorite color was in fact Candy Apple Red). The guitar is in very clean condition; I’d call it a Near Mint, 9/10 condition.

All dates are from early 1965:
• Neck Plate: L522xx
• Neck Stamp: 2JAN65B
• Pickups: Middle/Bridge: 1-8-65; Neck: 2-1-65
• Pots: 137-6501

The guitar is a tone monster-one of the strongest and most lively vintage Strats I’ve played. This is an extremely resonant Strat and has a very well-defined and pronounced bottom end. The neck is very fast with a slim profile typical of the period: 1st fret: .81”; 12th fret: .99”. The neck has a Dark and nicely-grained Brazilian rosewood fingerboard.

Pickups are outstanding, particularly the neck pickup: Neck 6.39K, Middle 5.47K, Bridge 6.02K. The electronic dates & markings are very similar to an early 65 Sunburst Strat(also from Jan 1965) I owned with even the same “EP” initials on the neck pickup; EP obviously knew what he was doing!

It is very difficult to find vintage Lefty Strats in a Custom Color, let alone in this condition!

Not For Sale

Lefty 1961 Gretsch 6120, 100% Original w/ OHSC, Near Mint Condition!

Lefty 1961 Gretsch 6120, 100% Original w/ OHSC, Near Mint Condition Left-Handed 1961 Gretsch 6120 with OHSC, investment/collector condition, spectacular example of the iconic 6120 model. Includes enamel-faced B6 Bigsby that was standard feature on righty 6120s through mid-1959, flamey sides, beautiful birdseye back, strong Pat # Filter’Tron pickups(neck/4.1K, bridge 5.89K), pots CTS 500k 615 7604 A 6105, 407xx = 3rd batch of 1961, 2nd version cowboy case, original strap.

This 6120 has been completed inspected and set-up by Scott Freilich of Top Shelf Music (www.topshelfmusic.com).

1961 marked the end of the Golden Era for Gretsch, as this was the last year for the single-cut 6120. Chris Guido, who has the finest 6120 collection on the planet, favors the 1961 6120 with the shallow body 2.25 width-of his 30 6120s, 10 are from 1961(page 134 of Gretsch 6120: The History of a Legendary Guitar by Edward Ball)! After playing this guitar, I can understand why!

Not for Sale

Lefty 1963 Fender Strat with OHSC, 100% Original, EXC Condition!

Lefty 1963 Fender Strat with OHSC Early 1963 Left Handed Fender Strat, Sunburst finish, 100% original, with OHSC(brown case!). Beautiful blend Sunburst, Dark Brazilian rosewood fingerboard, very nice crack-free Green Guard, perfect headstock spag logo decal.

Overall, the guitar is in EXC condition with a very nice front; back and neck have some wear. But when you play this guitar, you will understand why that is............

As far as the tone on this guitar, this Strat has a spank, sparkle and resonance that separates this Strat from other lefty vintage Strats I’ve played. Has lots of fret life remaining-bends across the neck are no problem. A truly great sounding and playing pre-CBS Strat!

All dates consistent with early 1963:
• Neck Plate-994xx
• Neck Date-2FEB63B
• Body Date-4/63 in Trem Cavity
• Pot Codes-304-6306

Pickups are nicely balanced: 5.72K/Neck, 5.95K/Middle, 5.88/Bridge Neck is very comfortable with .81/1st fret and .97/12th fret.

Includes bridge cover, trem bar, and the more desirable early Brown case!

This is a really fine, fine example of a lefty vintage pre-CBS Strat!

Not For Sale

1954 Martin D-18L with OHSC and Original Receipt!

1954 Martin D-18L with OHSC This is a factory original left-handed 1954 Martin D-18(D-18L). It was owned by the owner of a factory authorized Martin repair center for many years, and was recently inspected and set-up by another owner of a factory authorized Martin center for over 30 years.

This guitar is in EXC condition with no breaks, cracks, or repairs; how rare is that! The only modifications are Grover P-98 tuners are on there now, and it’s had a pro refret with slightly larger frets to make it easier to play.

This D-18 has a really sweet midrange, excellent for clear articulation of chords, especially jazz chords! The entire guitar resonates oh so nicely when you play it! Also includes original hardshell case, bill of sale, and case key. This is a killer vintage lefty D-18!

Not For Sale

Lefty 1960 Gibson ES-345TD

Lefty 1960 Gibson ES-345TD Original factory Left-Handed 1960 ES-345TD, with original factory stop(with no other tailpiece ever on the guitar). The Golden Era ES-345 in the special-ordered Left-Handed option is about as rare as the ES-335 from the same period; I've only seen 3 pre-1965 ES-345s in Lefty!

This one is in EXC overall condition with a beautiful and simply sublime Sunburst finish and a little bit of birdseye in the maple! 100% original except for pro refret(vintage spec wire), the typically shrunken tuner tips have been replaced, Varitone removed and in the case. Great weight at around 7 1/2 lbs. This 345 is A33701, less than 200 numbers from my righty 1960 ES-345TDC: A33896. These numbers would be from the 1st half of 1960(May-June) where you still have the bonnet knobs carried over from 1959.

The PAFs are 7.85K/Neck and 7.80K/Bridge and sound unbelievable. Neck size is the flatter profile typical of 1960: .815 at the first; not quite as flat as the ES-345TDC(the neck profile flattened out throughout the year).

With this earlier 345, which has the long guard, long magnet PAFs, bonnet knobs, bakelite tip- I no longer miss my lefty 62 ES-345, which was a fine guitar with factory Bigsby but no factory holes for a stop conversion.


LEFTY 1964 Gibson ES-335TDC

LEFTY 1964 Gibson ES-335TDC The Golden-Era 335 is about the rarest category of Lefty guitars; it seems that many years go by before you ever see one. Over the years, I have only seen 5 Lefty 1958-1964 ES-335s. Even on the lefty worldwide database, http://www.lefty-guitars.de/navigation.html, there are only 2 lefty Golden-Era ES-335s listed(those 2 are included in my count of 5). That places the rarity of lefty Golden-Era ES-335s on par with lefty Bursts, which, at last count, included a grand total of 4 currently in existence(Stroup Burst, Florida Burst, McEnroe, McCartney) plus 1 spotted in Buffalo(by a very reliable source) in the late 70s.

Here's another Lefty 1964 ES-335 that has surfaced this year. I purchased this guitar recently and now have both a Lefty and Righty 1964 Cherry ES-335. The lefty is a factory Bigsby with the Custom Made Plaque and factory holes to easily accomodate a Stop conversion; this feature was lacking in my lefty 1962 ES-345, which was strictly a Bigsby with no plaque.

It has some wear, but is 100% original(except for pro refret) and is an extremely resonant and toneful guitar, as well as a fantastic player! Pot codes are 8th week 1964, neck PUP = 7.68k, bridge PUP = 7.63, Serial # 66204.


1959 Gibson ES-175D with Double White PAFs, OHSC, Hangtags, Receipt!

1959 Gibson ES-175D This is a very rare, unmolested and unharvested time capsule/survivor guitar: a super clean 1959 ES-175D, Near Mint Condition, one-owner, OHSC, hangtags, cord, receipt, AND Double White PAFs! Ser # A298xx with FON S6487xx. All original except for the older trapeze tailpiece; has 3 extra small holes underneath the holes for the trap TP; probably had a zigzag on there before. Original shrunken tuner tips have been replaced with Uncle Lou Premium Tuner Tips. This guitar has been completely inspected, authenticated, and set-up by Scott Freilich of Top Shelf Music: http://www.topshelfmusic.com

The neck is very comfortable, with .90/1st fret and .94/5th fret. PAFs are 8.20k/Neck and 8.49k/Bridge. Covers have never been off, with perfect solder joints. White plastic is visible with high E pole piece and coil attachment screws removed. Stunning tone on this one; as good as any PAF ES guitar I've played. This is an incredible example of an ES-175, especially when considering it is a 1959 ES-175D that has not been harvested for the double white PAFs, harness, and knobs, which often end up in original Bursts. The original brown Lifton case with pink lining is also in outstanding condition. WES would have loved this one with just an incredible neck PAF!

This Golden-Era Gibson is similar to my 1964 ES-335TDC which is also a one-owner guitar and includes a set list, and again not your typical jazz/blues/rock song list either(the set list that came with the 335 consisted of polka standards); these are Gospel crowd favorites LOL, including:

Living for Jesus/F
Born at the Cross/G
Without Him/F

1961 Fender Strat

1961 Fender Strat Magnificent example of a Lefty 1961 Fender Strat: 100% original with OHSC and hangtags. EXC 8.5/10 condition. 1961 was a great year for Strats; no worry about the red-fade Sunburst finish that plagued 1960 Strats. This Strat has the beautiful blend tri-color Burst that is so much more desirable than the target/bulls-eye Burst pattern that started appearing in 1962. Completely untouched guitar with no changes/mods/broken solder joints etc.

Must be a good reason why Rory Gallagher and Matt Schofield picked 1961 Strats, and that reason is the Tone! This Strat sets the standard for classic pre-CBS Strat tone: it even made me put down a 1962 ES-345 with PAFs and take notice! I asked a friend of mine who has owned, played, or repaired thousands of old Strats over a span of 40 years to find me another one that sounds as good. He replied: "That will be very difficult."

And the neck and frets are unreal making this a killer-playing guitar; you can even bend notes easily without even thinking about having a re-fret. DARK Brazilian slab-board with no grooves. Perfect Strat weight at just over 7 1/4 lbs. Gentlemen, this is one totally unreal Strat; if you were looking for the ultimate lefty pre-CBS Strat, this is it!

1961 Gretsch Country Club

1961 Gretsch Country Club 100% original with OHSC; Grovers are on there now but original tuners are in the case. EXC condition; really fine example of an early 60's Country Club in the always cool Cadillac Green/6196. Not many lefty 50s/early 60s Gretsches out there, especially in this condition!

1976 Steinway B Concert Grand

1976 Steinway B Concert Grand I've been playing Steinways since I was 10 years old, having taken piano lessons from a student of Bartok who had 2 Steinway Model S Baby Grands in her living room. Then in college, I was playing on 6 different Steinways, ranging from a model M to the full 9' Model D. There are pianos, and then there are Steinways; it's that simple. This particular Model B has an outstanding tone, very musical without ever sounding harsh. The action is very forgiving but not too light; probably the best action of any Steinway I've played. EXC overall condition and a very nice example.
A new Model B lists for $85K w/o much discount. Personally, I'd much rather play a Steinway than drive a Mercedes!

1963 Hammond B-3 / Leslie 122

1963 Hammond B-3 / Leslie 122 Museum-quality all original Hammond B-3 from 1963, right when George Benson was playing with Jack McDuff. This B-3 has spent it's entire life in 2 living rooms: mine and an elderly gentleman who I purchased it from many years ago. Has never, ever been on the road, and it shows! Paired with a rare Leslie 122RV from 1971 in EXC condition. If you want the real B-3 sound, you need a real B-3; there is no substitute! I realize this everytime I gig with my band!