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Welcome to Lefty Vintage Guitars, a site specializing in buying, selling, trading, and consigning high-end lefty guitars. I have been collecting vintage guitars for over 20 years, including Fender and Gibson electrics and acoustics primarily from the 1950s, and 1960s. I also collect high-end modern era lefty guitars, including Gibson Historics and Fender Custom Shop guitars. The rarer, the better!

Please browse the Sold Gallery and Showcase Instruments to get an idea of the wonderful guitars I have acquired and sold to happy clients!

I have established a broad network of invaluable contacts in the vintage guitar business. Please let me know what you are looking for, and I'll do my best to find it! Also, I am paying the highest prices for clean lefty vintage guitars. Let me know what you have; I'll be happy to work out a deal you will be happy with. I do want to mention that I buy righty guitars on ocassion as well, especially those that can be easily converted to lefty, including Fender Strats and ES-335/345 guitars.

I also have a section showcasing rock concert photographs I have taken over the years, including Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jeff Beck, Bad Company, Peter Frampton, and others. Take a look; maybe they'll bring back some memories!

Please feel free to contact me anytime by phone at: 941-374-7418 or by e-mail at: I love to talk guitars!

Featured Guitar

1997 Fender Custom Shop 1952 Blackguard Reissue, with Lollar Charlie Christian Pickups, Beautiful!

1997 Fender Custom Shop 1952 Blackguard Reissue, with Lollar Charlie Christian Pickups, Beautiful! As a lefty the chances are pretty good that you’ve not had the opportunity to give a Charlie Christian pickup equipped Telecaster a workout before, so there’s a good chance you don’t know what you’re missing out on. This is a left handed Fender 1952 Blackguard reissue which was built by Fender’s Custom Shop in 1997, and originally featured a pair of ’52 Tele Custom Shop pickups. Since then the guitar’s neck pickup cavity was cleanly routed for the larger Lollar-built Charlie Christian pickup. The pickguard was replaced at that time, leaving the original pickguard intact and in the case pocket. The pickguard is also manufactured by Jason Lollar. The bridge pickup is a matched Lollar Charlie Christian unit, sized to fit a factory Tele bridge without modification. Judging by the expert workmanship and the presence of three Lollar parts, it looks like the work may have been done by Jason Lollar. Here is a link to the Lollar Charlie Christian Pickups – they sell for $175 each:

Finally, the bridge saddles were replaced with a set of Marc Rutters compensated BrassStraight Comp Saddles for great intonation on straight saddles with vintage looks and tone. All of the guitar’s original parts are included with the instrument, and all are in perfect working order.

The tone of this Tele is very bold and with an edge! It’s fat and creamy, dark, strong, big, and rich, and has a sustain that you’d not likely be accustomed to hear in a Tele. The treble strings in all three switch positions have a bluesy thickness that are perfect for big bends, slide melodies, or multi-string melodies. The low end is bold, forward and fairly dark. Basically, the guitar sounds more like a Duo-Jet crossed with a Les Paul Special(strong P-90 vibe) than a Tele, but plays with all the quickness and speed of a Telecaster with a ’52 neck carve. And, man, it’s fun.

Butterscotch over ash body, gorgeous Birdseye and flamed maple neck with a well rounded barrel and rolled fingerboard edges. Vintage appointments, bone nut, and vintage size frets. Gloss finish that looks new with the exception of a few minor dings here and there.

This is from my favorite period for the Fender Custom Shop – the late 90s - where they used the most beautiful wood that I’ve seen come from the Custom Shop. In fact, the only non-vintage electric I own is a 1999 Fender Custom Shop Strat with similar wood, and I’ve had it a long time! Fender finally came to their senses and realized they need to charge a lot more for the good wood, so now you can only get it through their Masterbuilt Program at a significant premium.

The guitar has very little fretwear, and matches the rest of the guitar in showing only moderate wear throughout. I would call it very clean/Near Mint – truly a beautiful guitar!

Includes original pickups, pickguard, saddles, extra set of aged knobs, extra set of strap knobs, Owner’s Manual, Custom Shop Sticker, Certificate of Authenticity, Fender leather strap, and OHSC.

This is a unique and one-of-a kind Tele for the left handed player. So if you’re into Teles, you absolutely have to check this guitar out!

Was $2,995 Now $2,795

1964 Fender Red Sparkle Strat, Orig. w/ OHSC, Extremely Rare Color!

1964 Fender Red Sparkle Strat, 100% Original with OHSC, Extremely Rare Custom Color! For a left handed vintage Strat, this is as rare as it gets! This is a factory original Left Handed 1964 Fender Strat in the ultra rare custom color finish: Red Sparkle. It is also known as Metallic Red, and the abbreviation of “MR” along with LH for Left Handed can be seen in the top of the body. The letters are in a style that is typically seen on custom color finishes done by the Fender factory.

This is a color that Fender rarely used, and is not even seen in the Fender factory finish literature. Most likely it was a color used for promotional purposes, such as the NAMM show. So it is more rare than even the rarest custom colors!

This guitar has an area of black finish in the neck cavity, which indicates that Fender originally finished it in Sunburst, and then stripped the finish before refinishing in the new sparkle finish. This was a very typical practice of applying custom colors for the cost-conscious Fender company.

This guitar was once owned by Jackson’s Rare Guitars in Australia back in the late 1990s. A copy of Jackson’s price list from 1999 is included with the guitar.

This guitar is an early 1964 with consistent date codes/specs and pure pre-CBS with none of the transitional features, and with all the desirable features: Spaghetti logo, black PUPs, green guard, clay dots, single-line Klusons, etc. Includes original Left Handed No Logo Case. It is in EXC overall condition, with a small area of buckle rash on the back. The neck is a slightly beefy C shape neck which feels great in the hand. The back of the neck is marked “Left Hand.”

This is also a really good sounding pre-CBS Strat!


• Pickup Resistance: Neck/6.0K, Middle/6.1K, Bridge/6.1K
• Weight: 7 lbs, 10 oz
• Slightly beefy C shape neck

Date Codes:

• Neck Plate: L35158
• Neck Stamp: 2JAN64B
• Pot Codes: 137 6420
• Pickup Dates: Neck/APR 23 64, Middle/APR 24 64, Bridge/APR 23 64

This is one of the rarest pre-CBS Strats in existence, and it’s Left Handed!


1998 Heritage 575, One-Owner, 100% Original with OHSC, Mint!

1998 Heritage 575, One-Owner, 100% Original with OHSC, Mint! 1998 Heritage jazz box: 575 Model. This would be similar to a Gibson ES-175.

I can tell you this one has a killer bottom end - you can play walking bass lines with this guitar!

Plays and sounds really great - beautiful guitar! This is a one-owner guitar, 100% original with OHSC, Mint condition!

Similar to a Gibson ES-175 (impossible to find in lefty) at 1/2 the price!

Was $3,495 Now $2,995

1998 Heritage 550, One-Owner, 100% Original with OHSC, Mint!

1998 Heritage 550, One-Owner, 100% Original with OHSC, Mint! This is a 1998 Heritage 550, jazz box similar to an L-5. This one has massive flame on top, bottom, sides, and neck.

Also has a Stinger Neck and "Custom" Notated on the headstock - it's really a stunning guitar!

This is a one-owner guitar, 100% Original with OHSC, Mint condition.

Similar to a Gibson L-5 (impossible to find in lefty) at better than 1/2 the price!

Was $3,495 Now $2,995

2002 Asher Ben Harper Lap Steel, 1st Series, Signed

2002 Asher Ben Harper Lap Steel, 1st Series, Signed, Only Lefty Made! This is an original Left Handed Asher Ben Harper limited edition Lap Steel from 2002. This is from the 1st Series for this model, and is incredibly rare in the fact it was the only Left Handed Asher Ben Harper made out of a run of only 70 (serial #064), and is also signed by Ben Harper.

The body is chambered like a Weissenborn. It has a couple of small nicks, one below the signature and 2 on the upper neck, but otherwise it is like new.

This lap steel was co-designed by Bill Asher and Ben Harper. It is a neck-through body in mahogany with a Hawaiian koa top, Asher S1 pickups, string through body with maple bridge and brass saddle. It is wired with a master volume, 3-way pickup selector switch and master coil tap switch. Include OHSC.

This lap steel has amazing tone!

These are incredible lap steels and rarely become available, especially in a Left Handed version - a true one-of-one example for the discerning Left Handed player/collector!

Was $4,500 Now $3,995

2004 Gibson Historic 1963 ES-335TDC, 100% Original with OHSC, Mint!

1985 Gibson ES-335, Blonde, 100% Original, EXC with OHSC! 2004 Gibson Historic 1963 ES-335TDC, Gibson Special Order Guitar, looks unplayed/Near Mint Condition, 100% Original with OHSC. This is a one-owner, uncirculated guitar.

This is a VERY Clean guitar; looks new; hardly any wear at all- I will call it a 9.9/10 without fear of reproach. Has a well-defined and balanced tone-in fact, I like the tone a lot better than the 2002 Historic ES-335 I previously owned. Pickups are Neck/7.98K and Bridge/7.98K. Has the 63 features of block markers, reflector caps, wire ABR-1. Nickel hardware is nicely aged.

Neck is a comfortable medium profile with .88/1st fret and .95/12th fret. I just set it up; the guitar needs nothing and is a blast to play. This is a very rare guitar in a Lefty; I’ve only seen a few Historic 63 ES-335s over the years, and none this clean. And it has the rare Bigsby as well!

Serial # is A-34048: 2004 Historic 1963 ES-335, 48th unit produced.

Decoding the serial # comes directly from the Gibson web site (

Historic ES MODELS (since 1995):
(A or B)-MYRRR
M is the model year being reissued
Y is the production year
RRR indicates the guitar's place in the sequence of Historic ES production for that year.
Reissue model codes:
2= ES-295
3= 1963 ES-335 (block inlays)
4= ES-330
5= ES-345
9 with an "A" prefix = 1959 ES-335 (dot inlays)

Unfortunately, I don’t have the COA, but do have an e-mail from the original dealer from where the guitar was purchased(EM Shorts Guitars) and an e-mail from Gibson confirming the guitar as a Gibson Custom 2004 Historic 1963 ES-335. Gibson is making fewer and fewer lefties, especially from the Custom Shop, so this is a rare opportunity to get a premium 335 in nearly new condition!


1966 Fender Jazz Bass, Ultra Clean/Investment Grade Condition!

1966 Fender Jazz Bass, Ultra Clean/Investment Grade Condition! Here we have a 1966 factory Left Handed Jazz Bass. This is the cleanest left handed vintage Fender bass on the planet! It has been stored in a closet since 1969 - museum quality piece, 100% untouched, unmolested example!

-Neck Stamp: 7 OCT 65 A
-Pots: 5th week of 1966
-Pearl Dot Neck
-66-Style Paddle Tuners
-Original Chrome Covers
-OHSC(Left Handed)

This is a Jazz Bass for the serious vintage Fender collector!

Was $14,995 Now $12,995

1968 Fender Strat, Extremely Rare Blonde Custom Color!

1968 Fender Strat, Extremely Rare Blonde Custom Color! Left Handed 1968 Fender Strat with an insanely rare Blonde Custom Color! This had to have been a special order guitar – has “Blond” written in the neck pickup cavity(see pic). I think I’ve seen one other factory left-handed Blonde Strat, but certainly not from the Hendrix era!

Guitar looks very clean and straight, with 2 items to mention:

  • Volume Pot has been replaced; it is from 1977
  • The guitar has the original frets, but will need a refret to be playable(all the good ones get played – all of my 57-64 Gibsons are refrets!)

    Serial Number 236375 (mid 1968)

    Neck date: 22 JUN 68B

    Pot codes:

    Tone 137 6618
    Tone 137 6618
    Vol 137 7726 (1977)

    Pickup dates:

    Bridge (grey bottom) 8-6-68 Ca
    Middle (grey bottom) 8-6-68 Ca
    Neck (Black bottom) no writing

    Has the typical unplugged hole on the short horn where it was once played as righty - very common for lefty Strats from the 60s. Includes original left handed case and trem arm.

    Here’s your chance to buy a super rare, factory left handed Custom Color Strat from the Hendrix Era!

    Was $22,295 Now $18,995

    Tribute to Jimi-1963/1964 Strat, Vintage Posters, Marshall Amp

    Tribute to Jimi-1963/1964 Strat, Vintage Posters, Marshall Amp Here is a photo tribute to Jimi Hendrix, featuring a lefty 1963/1964 Olympic White Strat, 1st edition Monterey/Fillmore/Woodstock posters, and a 50w Marshall head with a 4x12 cab from 1973.

    Hendrix played several white Strats, including the 1966 with rosewood board seen at the 1968 Miami Pop Festival, and also the 1968 with maple board seen at Woodstock. He also owned a righty 1963 Olympic White Strat which looks very much like this 1963-1964 Strat, except of course mine is lefty. Actually, Jimi did own a few left handed Strats. Oh well, all in the spirit of the Hendrixian White Strat theme!

    Posters featured are:

    1. Flying Eyeball Poster: Feb 1, 1969 BG 105, Original 1st Print-Rick Griffin
    2. Jimi Hendrix Experience: FME 007 Fillmore East, May 10 1968, Original 1st Print-David Byrd
    3. Masonic Temple/Detroit Feb 23 1968, Commemorative Poster from 1991-Gary Grimshaw
    4. Dancing Beetle, Oct 10, 1968 Winterland, BG 140, Original 1st Print-Rick Griffin & Victor Moscoso
    5. Woodstock, Aug 15-17 1969, WDS690815 Original 1st Print-Arnold Skolnick
    6. Monterey Pop Festival, June 16 1967, Original Silver Foil 1st Print-Tom Wilkes