1965 Lefty Fender Candy Apple Red Strat, Pre-CBS Features, Near Mint!

Left Handed L-Series Fender Strat in an original Candy Apple Red finish from early 1965, with the desirable pre-CBS features including Green Guard and Clay Dots. The guitar is 100% original and a very rare vintage lefty Strat in a Custom Color(Leo Fender’s favorite color was in fact Candy Apple Red). The guitar is in very clean condition; I’d call it a Near Mint, 9/10 condition.

All dates are from early 1965:
• Neck Plate: L522xx
• Neck Stamp: 2JAN65B
• Pickups: Middle/Bridge: 1-8-65; Neck: 2-1-65
• Pots: 137-6501

The guitar is a tone monster-one of the strongest and most lively vintage Strats I’ve played. This is an extremely resonant Strat and has a very well-defined and pronounced bottom end. The neck is very fast with a slim profile typical of the period: 1st fret: .81”; 12th fret: .99”. The neck has a Dark and nicely-grained Brazilian rosewood fingerboard.

Pickups are outstanding, particularly the neck pickup: Neck 6.39K, Middle 5.47K, Bridge 6.02K. The electronic dates & markings are very similar to an early 65 Sunburst Strat(also from Jan 1965) I owned with even the same “EP” initials on the neck pickup; EP obviously knew what he was doing!

It is very difficult to find vintage Lefty Strats in a Custom Color, let alone in this condition!